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My name is Xiaoxi Zheng. I graduated recently in Digital Art and Sciences Engineering at the University of Florida. I'm an aspiring product engineer with my focus in overall user experience.

I'm an explorer by nature. Both literally and metaphorally. I love to travel. I also love to meet people with different backgrounds and needs. I think that's what makes software design so intriguing. I get to explore user needs, why they need them, and how I can deliver these needs.

I love reading anything from cognitive psychology to affective computing. Oh, occassionally I dream about opening a bar that serves Vodka and tea.


Some stuff I've made


An interactive story gaming experience, developed in Unity3D following a waterfall methodology.

Source Code Design Doc

3D Audio VST Plugin

A stand alone JAVA audio playback program that supports 3D HRTF audio implmentation.

Source Code

EOC Practice Exam Portal

A testing portal build for P.K Yonge Dev School using MEAN stack & agile scrum methodology

Github Live Site

Atmosphere Apps Website Redesign

Redesign of http://www.atmosphereapps.com using SquareSpace.

Atmosphere Apps

Sparks Digital Magazine

Interactive versions of Spark Magazine. Static website using Bootstrap, HTML5 & CSS

Issue10 Live Issue9 Live

Interaction Designs

Product Designs and rapid prototyping using tools like Photoshop, inVision, Sketch and whatever it takes to get things done :)

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A shot of New York City from 2013

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Rain Room Exhibition

A video I produced after visiting the Rain Room Exhibition 2013 @ MoMA NYC



UX Interaction Designer
Baker Hughes, a GE company
Undergraduate Researcher
IOS Engineering Intern
Mobile App Services Intern
Atmosphere Apps

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