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My name is Xiaoxi Zheng. I graduated recently in Digital Art and Sciences Engineering at the University of Florida. I am currently working as a UX Designer at BHGE.

I'm an explorer by nature. Both literally and metaphorally. I am constantly exploring new technologies to communicate all the random ideas that pops up in my head. On the personal side, I love to travel and enjoy meeting people from a varity of backgrounds.

I love reading anything from cognitive psychology to affective computing. Oh, occassionally I dream about opening a bar that serves Vodka and tea.


Some stuff I've made


An exploration of Artificial Intelligence & Transhumanism. A digital installation project.

Design Proposal Source Code


An interactive story gaming experience, developed in Unity3D

Source Code Design Doc

Website Redesign

Redesign of http://www.atmosphereapps.com using SquareSpace.

Atmosphere Apps

Sparks Digital Magazine

Interactive versions of Spark Magazine. Static website using Bootstrap, HTML5 & CSS

Issue10 Live Issue9 Live

Interaction Designs

Product Designs and rapid prototyping using tools like Photoshop, inVision, Sketch and whatever it takes to get things done :)

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3D Audio VST Plugin

A stand-alone JAVA audio playback program that supports 3D HRTF audio implmentation.

Source Code

EOC Practice Exam Portal

A testing portal build for P.K Yonge Dev School using MEAN stack & agile scrum methodology

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UX Interaction Designer
Baker Hughes, a GE company
Undergraduate Researcher
IOS Engineering Intern
Mobile App Services Intern
Atmosphere Apps

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